Combining Interests

You can often find 20 year old, Andrew Huff hard at work in the lower level of his grandfather’s barn. Located in the small town of Breman, Indiana, Andrew has transformed the space into his own woodworking studio. For as long as he can remember, Andrew has enjoyed learning how to build new things. In fact, when he was in high school, Andrew took a building trades class in which he was a part of a team that built a house from the ground up. It was during his time in this class that he familiarized himself with power tools and eventually grew very comfortable using them. Andrew often spends his free time riding his long board on various paths in and around Northern Indiana. Four years ago, as a result of this and his new understanding of the necessary equipment, a business idea came to him and he began the process of teaching himself how to build long boards. 

After countless hours spent on product development and perfecting his craft, Huff & Puff Board Company was born. However, it was not until about a year ago that his business really took off and started to gain recognition. With his dog, Blaze as his constant companion, Andrew currently makes approximately twenty boards a week. The process of making longboards requires careful attention to detail. First, Andrew glues several pieces of wood together; once they are dry, he cuts them into thin plies. He proceeds by gluing seven plies together to obtain the correct thickness of the board. Once he has completed this step, he makes a rough cut of the board shape he wants and then runs it through a sander. To finish each board, he seals them with a clear coat and grip and attaches the wheels. Occasionally, Andrew uses a wood burner to create intricate designs on his boards, which add a unique touch to the final product. Andrew currently markets to four different retail shops in Northern Indiana. However, over the next year, Andrew hopes to expand his business by reaching out to additional retailers around the country.  Andrew has found a way to combine both his passion for building things and his passion for longboarding and run a successful business by doing so.

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