Welcome Home


Why do we read magazines? What is it that grabs our attention enough to make us pick them up off the shelf? Is it the photo on the cover, a recognizable name, the popularity of the magazine, or is it merely the experience of reading a magazine? If we are honest with ourselves, we will discover that all of these are true and feed our human desire to obtain and store information. Additionally, there is something enticing about flipping through the pages of a physical, printed object and the look and feel of the paper as we venture from page to page. Unfortunately, many magazines today are filled with unrealistic expectations of the world and are packed cover to cover with false or exaggerated information. The content that fills several modern magazines often causes individuals to think less of themselves or begin to covet what others have. In my opinion, magazines should be used in a way that creates a positive experience for readers and one that is free of negativity, gossip, and what the world expects of us. It is my goal to design a magazine that is a breath of fresh air for its readers. One that makes viewers feel comfortable and allows them to absorb interesting information without prompting them to feel as if they are not measuring up and immersing themselves in negativity. Fourteen Fiftynine Magazine contains information that encourages its readers to dream, create, and explore. Just as the number 1459 represents home for me, it is my hope that this magazine will, in some way, represent home to its readers as well.

As an artist, my passions lie in both photography and design. As a communicator, I am extremely intrigued by writing and all the possibilities it entails. My desire to find a way to be able to utilize all three of these mediums is what led me to the idea behind Fourteen Fiftynine Magazine. In this first issue, I want to showcase other people and the things they are passionate about and the process that lead them to where they are now. Having the opportunity to meet and talk with other artists and makers has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.